How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Android

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Android: Today in this article I am going to share you a trick and also the apps which help you to recover deleted photos and videos from Android Device. Everyone nowadays loves to click photos and record videos which is interesting and become part of our life. Android phone has become our best friend nowadays. However, Sometimes without aware we accidentally delete our important photos and videos from our android phone and we regret it later on. But now we don’t need to regret, we can recover deleted files in simple and easy ways without putting any effort. Here I am going to share the best 4 simple and easy methods to recover deleted photos and videos from Android phone.

Nowadays our life is too much busy and we don’t have the time to check the phone in a smooth manner. we always check our phone in a hurried manner for which we delete our valuable photos instead of unwanted photos or videos. Sometimes we delete our important files, photos, and videos accidentally and presume that we do not have any kind of option to recover or restore it the lost files. But now you don’t need to worry Zero Network will help you to recover deleted photos and videos from Android easily. Read the full discussion here that will help you to recover deleted photos and videos from Android.

Best 4 Ways To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos From Android

Here We are going to show you the 4 best methods and apps to recover deleted photos and videos from Android device. Among five methods, two methods will work without rooted and other two methods require a rooted Android.

Method #1. By Using Wondershare Dr.Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a third party software that allows us to connect our phone to our PC and help us to recover our deleted photos and videos.

Step #1. First of all, install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your PC and connect your Android phone to your computer using USB cable

Step #2. Now the software will prompt you to enable USB debugging on your Android phone, just Enable it.

Step #3. Now you will see that your phone has been connected to the Android data recovery tool. Now you now need to simply select what type of data do you want to recover. Select Gallery if you want to recover photo’s and videos and then click on Next

Step #4. Now it will do a full scan and wait for the scanned result to be displayed. After the result displayed you can see all the types of deleted photos and videos. Now select the file you want to recover.

Step #5. That’s all…you are done now! In this way, you can easily recover the deleted photos and videos from Android smartphone easily.

Method #2. By Using Recuva Tool

Here in this method, we will use another third party tool just like Wondershare Dr.Fone that will help you recover all the deleted media files from your Android phone. Follow the steps as shown below.

Step #1. First of all, Download the application by clicking the below button.

Download Recuva

Step #2. Now you need to select the file format which you want to recover from your Android phone. We recommend you to select all files as it will recover every deleted file from your Android phone.

Step #3. Now you need to select your external drive that belongs to your smartphone and simply click OK.

Step #4. Now wait till the file is scanning all the deleted files, After that, you can choose the file and recover them very easily on your computer.

Method #3. By Using DiskDigger App (Rooted Phone)

In this method, you need to use DiskDigger App and make sure your phone should be rooted. After Rooted Your Phone you need to simply follow the simple steps as shown below.

Step #1. After rooted your Android Smartphone, download and install the app DiskDigger undelete (root). Now open the app and allow the superuser access to this app.

Step #2. Now you need to simply select the partition in which you want to recover files.


Step #3. Now you will see the deleted files of that drive will get displayed to you, simply mark out the files that you want to recover on your phone and click on recover button.

Step #4. That’s All……After clicking on the Recover all the deleted files will be recovered.

Method #4. By Using Mobikin Doctor

MobiKin Doctor is the popular data recovery software for Android devices, which help us to recover deleted text messages, media files, etc. from almost all kinds of Android devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

Step #1. First of all, download the Mobikin Doctor software on your computer.

Step #2. Now you need to enable the USB Debugging on your Android devices (Smartphone & Tablets) after you enabled connect it to your computer using USB cable, Screenshot Shown Below.


Step #3. Now, remember if you have a rooted Android device, then you need to grant a permission simply grant the superuser request or ‘Allow’ the Kingroot.

Step #4. Now in the next step, you simply need to select the ‘Photos’ where you can able to see all the deleted files with an option to recover.

Step #5. So, that’s all… here how you can recover deleted photos and videos from Android smartphone by using Mobikin Doctor.

From Editor’s Desk

Above are all the best methods to recover deleted photos and videos from Android phone. By using these methods you can easily recover deleted files on your Android device. Hope you like the article, don’t forget to share with your friends and others too. Also, leave a comment if you’re facing an issue with any of the above-shown steps.

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