8 Ways To Improve Blogger Page Load Time

Blog loading time drastically affects the website ranking and conversion. It reduces the page views, subscribers, customers satisfaction, and your revenue. As Google considers website loading speed as a ranking factor which we need to work on our website or blog.The main factor which takes lots of loading time is the source code that makes up your page. Your website has lots of code such as HTML, Javascript, CSS and much more that takes the time to load into your browser. Here we can try to Improve Blogger Page Load Time by following simple steps as shown below.

As we all know that an average internet connection speed increases all around the world. Nowadays peoples are becoming less tolerant of slow webpage loading time. If the blog or site loads slowly then the blogger prefers to navigate to other websites.

8 Ways To Improve Blogger Page Load Time

Here I am going to discuss and provide you tips on 8 Ways To Improve Blogger Page Load Time. Simply follow this steps and tips to make your blog or website blazing fast.

#1. Select and Invest in a Better Theme.

Here we would like to advise you to select a better theme that is SEO optimized. Never go for free themes, because free themes are poor coded and also has a harmful malicious that are vulnerable to hack. I also mean that the developer of the free theme can easily hack your blog or site. I always prefer you to choose the paid themes because they are professionally designed, SEO-optimized, secure and fast loading themes.

#2. Optimize Your Images.

Many times we download any images from google and edit it and then upload it to our blog or site. It is one of the main factors of slowing down of your blog or site. A large size of images consumes lots of loading time to open up a webpage. Whenever you upload any images you need to reduce the size of the pictures. Reducing the size of the pictures dramatically speed up your blog.

Here are some of the best websites to reduce image size are:

#3. Reduce Posts on Your Homepage.

The Homepage is the most important page in the blog, which provides the first impression of the blog. Homepage reveals all about your blog that is the blog identity. Most of the users use your Hompage for navigation to other post or you can say article. As per the study, it is found that 90% of the visitor consider homepage as an important factor for blog quality. Even If you are writing a good quality content, you should reduce the number of posts per page. It is sure that it will dramatically increase Homepage load time of your Blogspot blog.

#4. Minify Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

A widget is a cool feature which gives a new look to our blog and lets us add as many widgets as we want. But the main factor is that adding too many widgets in your blog may send HTTP requests which affect your page load time and affects your blog performance. Always use a number of limited widgets.

  • Never use an unwanted and non-essential widget.
  • Never add more than 5 widgets in your blog.
  • Show or Hide Widget in the specific page
  • Always try to create a page instead of a widget.

#5. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of web servers which are distributed all over the world and help to deliver the content efficiently. It has a vast network of servers all around the world. Basically, if you are not using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), then your users will have to access your web host’s server at its central location. Which can affect your blog speed and if you are using a single server then there’s a chance it could get overloaded and cause your blog to crash. CDN’s solve both of these problems by making users access a cached version of your blog from the web host which is closest to them. For Example, if one of your server locations is overloaded, then they can be switched to a new server location. 

Best Free CDN Services For Your Blogger.

#6. Don’t Use Too Many Advertisement.

Nowadays monetizing a blog is very common which is good, but if you are blogging only for money by showing lots of advertisement then you are misusing the beautiful world of blogging. Beware of ad banners and GIF images which are the cause of slow loading of your blog. Try to use very less number of banners and try to compress the ad banners. I recommend you to use asynchronous format instead of synchronous format, as asynchronous ads loads faster than synchronous format.

#7. Avoid Redirects.

Redirects always frustrate the users and the users may leave the blog that is bad for SEO. By the way we can’t avoid some of the redirects, but avoid to use redirects on the landing pages. However, you can use 301 redirects instead of other redirects, as it will never affect your blog SEO load time.

#8. Use All in One Social Widget.

Always make sure to use All in One widget because whenever we use one widget for Facebook and another for Twitter that will increase the number of widgets as well as increases blog load time.So always make sure to use an All-In-One social share widget.All in One Social Share Media consume less time for loading blog and it will attract the visitors.

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From Editor’s Desk 

I have discussed all the methods and techniques to improve blogger page load time. I tried all this methods and techniques which positively help me a lot. If you like this article then please share with your friends and also share your suggestions and feel free to comment if you have any queries on the related topic.

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