How To Configure and Add Email Subscription Widgets To Blogger

In my last article, I have shown you the 4 Stylish Email Subscription Widgets To Blogger. In this article, you will learn the method to how to configure and add Email subscription widgets to blogger. It is very easy to implement the widgets and you can receive more visitors to your blog.

This Email subscription widget is very much beneficial for the bloggers as well as for the visitors. Visitors will get each and every update that will be posted on the blog, directly to their email. The widget provides a stylish look to your blog so that the visitors get attracted to subscribe your website.

Email subscription box will help you to gain more visitors and help you to build a huge active community. It will definitely boost your blog traffic, which means more AdSense earnings. It will continuously send the latest post to the visitor’s email and provide the latest update.

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How To Add Email Subscription Widgets To Blogger.

#1. Log in to your Blogger account, then go to Layout > click on the ‘Add a gadget‘ link on the left.

#2. Choose HTML/JavaScript from the pop-up window > paste the code of the subscription widget inside the empty box.

#3. After adding the code you need to click on save. That’s All You’re done.

How To Configure Email Subscription Widgets.

To Get The Code of Email Subscription Widget Visit This Link.

#1. Replace [Your Blog url] with Your blog Url which is basically the Feed title. You can get it by visiting and then navigate to Publicize > Email Subscription and find your Url value in given box. For eg: and <input name=’url’ type=’hidden’ value=’Howbloggerz‘/>

#2. Replace [Fb url] with your Facebook page URL. For eg:

#3. Replace [Twitter url] with your twitter page URL. For eg:

#4. Replace  [Google+ url] with your Google+ page or account URL. For eg:

#5. Replace [RSS url] with your RSS URL. For eg:

#6. Replace [Pinterest url] with your Pinterest URL.

#7. Replace [Twitter Username] with your twitter account username. For eg: @zeronetwork

#8. Replace [Fb Page Name] with your Facebook Page Name. For eg: zeronetwork

#9. Press Save.

That’s All….Enjoy !

From Editor’s Desk

Here are all the methods to configure and Add E-Mail Subscription Widgets To Blogger. You can copy the code of the Email subscription widgets by visiting this Link. Iy you found this article is helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends as well as others too. Moreover, if you face any difficulties to implement this widget then feel free to comment below.

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