How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

Today here we are going to discuss on how to submit blogger sitemap to Google search console. We all know that after creating a blog or website we need add our site to google search engine. To add our blog or Website we need to open an account of Google Search Console. It will index all our posts and pages to Google search results for any particular topic. Even you can choose which post and pages to show and which not in the search results and more.

If you just created your blog or website then you will know how to search engine work and how they drive traffic to your blog or website. You can display your blog or website in Google search results absolutely for free. To display your site on google search results you need to know about Google Search Console which was earlier known as Webmaster Tools.

Search Console is a free tool which is offered by Google to display your blog or site on Google search results. This tool helps you to improve your blog or site crawling rate. The only things you need to do is that you’ve to verify your blog on Google Search Console that you are an owner of your blog or site. After that, you can submit your blog to display on Google Search results.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a map of your blog or website which helps you to index your blog and website to Google search results. It crawls your website and indexes your latest web pages to Google databases. Basically, a sitemap is either XML or HTML that contains all the URL of the post and pages of your blog or website.

Whenever you submit an XML sitemap to Google search console, it directly helps the search engine crawlers to find all the URLs post and pages on your blog or website and add it to their database which is hosted by Google. There are several parts of a sitemap which affect the crawling rate of your blog or website, such as the size of your sitemap, the number of URLs in your sitemap. it also beneficial for indexing priority of pages on your blog, updating frequency, etc.

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

Below is the complete steps to submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console. Just follow all the steps as shown to add blogger sitemap to Google Search Console.

Step #1. Go To Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

Step #2. Now Go To Crawl Sitemaps  → ADD/TEST SITEMAP.

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Step #3. Add Sitemap.xml and Simply click Submit.

Step #4. Now Refresh The Page.

That’s All…..You have finished the process of submitting your blog or website Sitemap to Google Search Console.

From Editor’s Desk

By following the above steps your blog or site will be getting indexed in google search results soon. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends. For any issues related to above Tutorial feel free to Comment Below.

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