Top 12 Best Chrome Extensions To Customise Your Facebook Account

Best Chrome Extensions To Customize Your Facebook Account: Today we are going to show you an interesting method to fully customize your Facebook Account on Desktop web browsers. We all know that Facebook is the popular and best social networking platform that allows us to get connected with our family and friends. By using this trick, you will be loved to find and add more features to customized your Facebook account from a boring old look. So, here we are going to discuss some of the chrome extension that will really help you to customize your Facebook Account and give it a fresh and new look.

Best Chrome Extensions To Customize Your Facebook Account

Facebook is very popular social networking site for every internet Internet user. The reason why it is popular because Facebook provides best social experience and allow you get connected with anyone and also control over it. You can allow or disallow anyone from posting on your timeline, conversation, block, unfriend, etc. Nowadays facebook becomes the medium of sharing all your thoughts and info. With the help of these chrome extension your Facebook account a beautiful look without deleting friends, group or page entirely. Here we have listed some awesome Chrome Extensions that will generally help you to fully customize your Facebook account.

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List of Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions That Will Fully Customize Your Facebook Account

Below we have listed some of the best chrome extension that will customize your Facebook account and provide you with a great user experience. So, have a look at these extensions below.

#1. Flatbook

Flatbook is the best chrome extension which provides useful features to make your Facebook look beautiful. The extension customizes your Facebook account in a new look and design. After installing this extension you can find many additional features such as who unfriend you on Facebook, increase the readability of the content, read unique news feed, and viral news suggestion inside your feed, text, Ads(removed), panel styles and lots more.

Price: Free
  • Flatbook Screenshot

#2. Social Fixer For Facebook

Social Fixer allows you to filter your news Facebook news feed and hide things that you don’t want to see and customize your Facebook for great user experience. The extension is very much useful for Facebook customization and also filled with many other additional features. In this chrome extension, you post in the news feed will be filtered by content, author, link URL, and more. You can find a particular post by just searching for its keywords. There are also many more features.

#3. Friends Feed For Facebook

This extension will help you to customize your facebook profile. Facebook’s News Feed is full of stories and updates about your friends. This extension will help you to hide all the stories of what you’re what your friends liked or commented on. It will hide suggested stories and people you may know stories and also there is an additional feature to fade these unwanted stories, so you can still watch them but it will not harm too much.

#4. Rather

This extension will help you to get rid of similar types of posts on your Facebook timeline. You will get to see some great posts from other people or group instead of annoying posts. It will also help you to remove all the posts which are based on keywords and make visible the posts on your timeline that you are interested. Rather, to get the benefits you will have to install this extension on your Google Chrome browser and can be used later on.

Price: Free
  • Rather Screenshot

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#5. Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook Social Toolkit is the best tool which is a collection of Facebook automation tools that are created to save your time while using Facebook. The toolkit consists of many features such as free removal tools that will allow you to unlike all Facebook pages at once and also it will help you to removes unnecessary posts from the timeline. If you are deciding to deactivate your account then this tool will help you to remove all your friends prior to deactivating your account. There are many features that are very much helpful for your Facebook Account.

Toolkit For Facebook
Toolkit For Facebook
  • Toolkit For Facebook Screenshot

#6. Photo Zoom for Facebook

The name of the extension indicates everything. Photo Zoom For Facebook is a lightweight extension that is integrated directly into your Facebook to provide you with a larger image and good view of photos such as Album Images, Profile Images, etc when you hover on the image.

Photo Zoom for Facebook
Photo Zoom for Facebook
  • Photo Zoom for Facebook Screenshot

#7. Ponyhoof

Ponyhoof is the best extension to change the entire look of the Facebook interface with cartoon characters. The extension changes the Facebook interface with amazing and colourful cartoon characters from the franchise of entertainment My Little Pony that was developed by Hasbro.

  • Ponyhoof Screenshot

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#8. Delete All Messages for Facebook™

The extension is very simple and effective to remove all messages from Facebook account. Not only this, you can also select specific messages and delete them in a single click. After you install the extension, you need to look at the top right of your address bar. Simply click the icon to open Control Panel and make it authorized to Facebook Account.

#9. Invite All Your Facebook Friends

This is one of the best extension that is used to invite all your friends to an event, a page or a group on Facebook in a just simple click. Now you don’t need to click one by one to add your friends to your page, event, or group. You just need to click and all the things will be done by extension.

#10. F.B.(FluffBusting)Purity

Facebook Purity is the best extension to clean up and customize your Facebook profile. The extension filters out the junk file and removes that you don’t want to see. It literally hides all the ads, spam game, sponsored posts and other annoying stuff on Facebook and makes Facebook less annoying to use.

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#11. Secret Emoticon & Smiley for Facebook™

It is a lightweight extension that performs smoothly and integrates into the Facebook user interface and shows all hidden smiles and secret emoticons. It allows a quick and easy access to a top secret emoji in Facebook messenger, timeline posts, comment, status, newsfeed, groups, pages, and events. Whenever you post anything on Facebook, you can add some unique, cute, funny emoticons and smiles in your message.

#12. Color & Theme Changer for Facebook ™

Are you tired of boring blue!! then don’t worry, with this extension you can change the colour scheme to anything you want. You can easily customize your Facebook theme including header/font/text/button colours, chat layout, backgrounds & lots more. The UI is very much user-friendly and easy, all the changes you can do it from the control panel. You can create your own personal facebook theme and preview the results, and save them.

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From Editor’s Desk

Above are the Best Chrome Extensions To Customise Your Facebook Account with ease and control. Simply install all these extensions into your browser and have a great customization experience. Hope you like this article and don’t forget to share with your friends and others too. Also, let us know if there is any other Facebook customization extension in the comment section below.

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