How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure: Nowadays our safety and security is the top priority, and for that, we need to keep our computer clean, secure and safe. As we have requested by our many visitors that How To Keep Our Computer clean and secure from many threats. Surfing internet is very much fun for everyone but it has some drawbacks too. We all know that internet is providing us too much information but at the same time it also makes our system affected by malware, viruses, spyware, etc. and we don’t know what to do. But here you don’t need to worry, you just landed in the right place. Here we will provide you with all the possible tips and methods through which you can make your computer clean and secure.

Best Ways To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

We all know that there are lots of news of hacking, phishing attacks, spreading malware, viruses via internet etc. that affected our systems. After getting affected, it is a big deal to restore our files or recover it. Many of you are using antivirus from the top-rated company but it doesn’t provide that much protection as it required by your systems. For that, you can check out the List of Top Ten Best Antivirus Software To Protect Your Computer From Viruses.

After the advancement of technology, it became so difficult to protect our PC from Hackers, viruses and other online threats. Now it became essential to take the right actions to clean and protect our computer from various threats that are encountered from online. Installing antivirus and other protection software is not enough to keep your computer secure. Here in this article, I am going to discuss all the possible tips to secure your computer and keep it clean.

10 Best Tips To Make Your Computer Secure, Safe and Clean.

Everyone loves to have computers at home or in the workplace. But it’s not only about having a computer. While in that case, we should also know how to maintain the system for best performances and for lifespan. Here are the few points to keep your systems run smoothly

#1. Regular Back up Data.

In order to secure your valuable date from a system crash. You should always back up your date daily if not weekly because we never know when the system will be a crush or get damaged. You can also back up your data or files in three ways i.e. (Bootable drive, External backup drive or cloud backup) these could really help you to secular you data so friendly always be on safe side.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#2. Keep The CPU Clean.

Now if you are using a desktop for a very long time here is a big deal for you. As we all know that computers systems are the most efficient dust collectors inside the cabinet. Which includes the motherboard, connectors, cables and more. Due to the dust and heat trap, it can reduce the performances and lifespan. If you do not know how to free the dust from systems (laptops & Desktop) always contact your computers systems experts to get it done. To avoid these you should always keep your operating room or system room free from the dust. In short KEEP YOUR SYSTEM ROOM CLEAN.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#3. Defragment Your Hard Disk or Hard Drive.

In order to the maintenance of the system, defragmentation of the hard disk is a must. Defragmentation or defragment means Re-arrangement of the files on a hard disk for fast data access. So the defragmentation should be done regularly to keep the performances on top. In order to do this process go to start button i.e. (Start > All programs > accessories < Systems tools> Disk defragmenter) during this process it might take an hour or several minutes depending upon the size of your disks but also during this process you can still use your system.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#4. Keep The System Up To Date

It is very important to keep the system up to date in terms of hardware and software. That includes running of windows update. Checking for new software updates patches and drivers. We should always update the windows because it looks for the latest update of software for your computer and it is the easiest way to find. For these, we need to go to the manufacturer’s website and search for support sections. If you are facing some sort of software problems then it is likely to fix through these updates.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#5. Clean up software or Junk files.

If you want to run your computer system smoothly you should clean up the junk files regularly or according to your usages of operating systems and also other unwanted software to be removed from the system because it generates temporary files that accumulate if it’s not cleaned. In Order to clean up the unwanted or temporary files from the system, there are some softwares. Which can help you in this task to perform well?

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#6. Run antivirus

This time it goes without saying anything, any computer systems connected to the internet needs to have some sort of antivirus software. You can also purchase from the market or get from the internet which is free of cost.  You can use any of the antiviruses whichever is best for you. Most of the antivirus will monitor the system for the treats in real time. So you don’t need to scan all the time. But also you can full scan your system at least every month. That’s how you should keep the system from the treats.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#7. Keep Your Firewall Turned On

Always turned on your Windows Firewall Program that will help you to protect your computer from malicious software and online threats. It will secure your computer by blocking viruses, worms, and hackers that connect your systems and do unwanted activities such as hacking, viruses, and other various online threats.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#8. Always Choose Secure Browser

Nowadays. there are many browsers available on the internet, but it is very much difficult to choose the best one that is more secure. In many cases, malware spread through our web browsers. So for that, I would like to recommend Google Chrome Browser because It is the most secure and has a sandbox feature.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#9. Install Encryption Software

An encryption software can protect our data secure and safe with the help of password. I would like to recommend to use “Folder lock” which is very strong and protect and lock files and folders with encryption (password). Also, you can backup online and portable data security.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and Secure

#10. Don’t use the USB devices that other people give

Be very careful to use USB devices that other people give for sharing files and other resources from your computer. As it could be infected with malicious programs. If you need the any of the files urgently, check for the virus on your USB devices using your installed antivirus software.

How To Keep Your Computer System Clean and SecureAlso here are some more tips for computers Maintenances:

  1. Always keep the monitor clean or the screen of a laptop. Do this when the systems are off.
  2. Keep the operating system software and drivers up to date.
  3. Remove all the unwanted software’s which are not in use.
  4.  Always keep a backup of your data
  5. Always use the cooling pad for a laptop for better cooling and from preventing systems hangs.
  6. Do not use the system whole day. Turn off the system for a hours to let the hardware cool down.

By applying these tips on daily basis. You can maintain your computer’s system easily.

From Editors Desk

These are the best 10 tips to secure your computer from various threats and make your computer clean. There are many other ways that you can protect yourself just by installing CCleaners and we have already mentioned the data encryption software. Hope you like this article and also we hope it will help you in all possible ways to secure your computer. Please don’t forget to share with your friends and others too. Also, if you have any top tips then feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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