How To Speed Up Copying Files To USB Flash Drive

How To Speed Up Copying Files To USB: Today in this article I am going to share the most asked topic on How To Speed Up Copying Files To USB Flash Drive easily. Many times you frustrated with your copying speed in windows and always search on google the best ways to boost up USB flash drive but you won’t find the best ways to speed up your Flash Drive.

Transferring data is the most common job perform by the users nowadays to copy files from one computer to others. But the most frustrating part is waiting, which nobody likes to. Sometimes to copy files we need to wait for more than 10 to 15 minutes for transferring few MB or GB files. The slow data transfer rate of USB devices creates lots of troublesome when we are in a hurry to attend an important event or meeting and we need the files for the presentation.

How To Speed Up Copying Files To USB Pen Drive.

Today I am going to share some of the easy ways through which you can speed up your USB data transfer rate by using software and without software. Read the full article carefully to learn methods and process.

Method #1. How To Speed Up Copying Files Using Tera Copy.

Tera Copy is the No. 1 utility tool to copy or transfer files from one PC to another at a maximum level of speed. This type of utility tool provides powerful buffers and consume less amount of time for copying and moving files from on our Computer. Download the latest version of Tera Copy 3.0 to avail the latest features.

Step #1. First of all, Download The Tera Copy From The Given Link Below.

Download Tera Copy 3.0

Step #2. Now, Install It on Your Computer.

Step #3. After The Installation Completed, Just Launch It on Your Computer.

Step #4. Now Simply Copy The File and Paste Into The Destination Folder, It Will Show You an Option. (See Below Screenshot)

Step #5. Now You Will See The Performance of Data Transferring Rate,

Method #2. How To Speed Up Copying Files To USB By Formatting Trick.

In this trick, you don’t need any software you can simply add the method of formatting trick through which you can speed up your USB device.

Step #1. Insert Your USB Flash Drive on Your Computer.

Step #2. Now, Right Click on The Flash Drive and Select Format.

Step #3. Now Select The Options as Shown in The Screenshot Below and Click Start.

Method #3. How To Speed Up Copying Files By Modifying Policies.

If you using windows OS then you can easily boost up your USB data transfer by using few simple clicks. As you can see in our windows the “Quick Removal” policy is set by default. This option allows you to remove your USB flash drive without clicking the option “Safely Remove Hardware” option. It makes our data transfer rate slow because it disables the “Writing Caching Policy” option. So we will apply the best option to speed our flash drive.

Step #1. Insert Your USB Flash Drive on Your PC.

Step #2. Now Open “My Computer” and Right Click on the USB Flash Drive.

Step #3. The Disk Properties Dialog Box Will Appear, Now Navigate To The “Hardware” Tab Bar and Select Your USB Flash Drive and Little Below You Can See “Properties“, Click on It.


Step #4. After Click on Properties, a Dialog Box Will Appear (See Below Screenshot), and Click on Change Settings.

Step #5. Click on The “Policies” on The Tab Bar and Check Better Performance and Click OK.

Step #6. Now Copy Any Files You Will See a Better Performance Than Earlier.

From Editor’s Desk

Above are the methods that will dramatically change your USB data transfer rate and will provide you a better performance for copying files. I would like to recommended to switch USB 3.0 which is latest and optimized which can save your valuable amount of time. I hope you like this article to boost up USB data transfer in windows. Don’t forget to share with your friends and if you have any query then feel free to comment below.

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