How To Protect Your USB Pendrive With Password (Best Methods)

Protect USB Pendrive With Password: Nowadays, USB Pendrive is the most important tool because it stores information and data saved by you. You can carry your Pendrive with important data and use it anytime and anywhere. Pendrive is very much useful if you don’t want to share your private data with anyone. The Pendrive is formatted with FAT, FAT32, or NTFS. Encrypting your data stored on the Pendrive with a password can help you to carry sensitive data and private information as well. However, If you lost your Pendrive somewhere else then you don’t need to worry, as it is password protected and make you sure that your private information will be safe, not fall into wrong hands.

How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

We can say that USB Pendrive is the best source to store your private information. Now you can also use Pendrive on your Smartphone, after the arrival of OTG adapters. You can keep your data such as private images, videos and other important information safe and secure. Here in this article, we are going to share you the best methods through which you can Protect USB Pendrive With Password.

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Best Methods To Password Protect Your Pendrive

Here we are going to list the best methods To Protect USB Pendrive With Password to secure your sensitive data. By using these methods you can really encrypt your sensitive data and information so that it cannot be revealed to the third person.

Method #1. Protect USB Pendrive With Password Using BitLock

#1. First of all, Plugin your USB Pendrive into your computer. Now Open Windows Explorer by pressing Win + E and right click on the USB Pendrive letter shown in explorer. Select Turn on Bit Locker.

#2. Now simply click on “Use password to unlock the drive” and enter the “Password” that you want to set in both the password fields as shown.

#3. Now just click on next and next and print or save the password for future use.

#4. Now the encryption process will start and your drive will be encrypted with the password which you have set earlier.

Note: BitLocker Drive Encryption feature is available only on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

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Method #2. Protect USB Pendrive With Password Using Wondershare

#1.  First of all download and install Wondershare USB Drive Encryption from this link.


#2. Now open Wondershare USB Drive Encryption tool and plug in the USB Pendrive into your PC or laptop. Now Select your Pendrive in the drop-down menu and select “Secure Full Drive“. After that just click on “install” button.

#3. After the installation complete, now enter the username and password that you want to set for your USB Pendrive. After that Just Click OK.

#4. You’re Done Now.

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Method #3. Protect USB Pendrive With Password Using USB Secure

#1. First of all, Download Disk Secure from the given link below.


#2. Plug in your USB Pendrive to your computer/Laptop, Now run the Setup program to install USB Secure on your USB Flash drive.Next, After the installation completed run the application.

(Remember that if the USB Secure is already installed on your USB drive, then just plugging it in your PC and it will prompt an Autoplay window asking you two options: Open USB-Drive & Protect This USB Drive)

#3. Now Just Click on the “Lock USB Drive” and set and confirm a new password for the USB Pendrive. Next, Simply click on ‘Ok’ and all your data will be password protected.

Method #4. Protect USB Pendrive With Password Pendrive Using DiskCrytor

#1. First of all, Download DiskCryptor From below download button.


#2. Now Install It on your PC and then click on your USB drive and next click on “Encrypt” just on the right-hand side.

#3. Now here a Pop-up window will open and ask you to select encryption process. If you want special protection the select the same from the drop-down menu and if you’re ok with that then click “Next“.

#4. Now on the next window, enter the username and password you want to set. Once done, click on OK to start the protection.

#5. After the encryption process completes, Simply click on the USB Pendrive and then just click on “Mount

#6. That’s all..!! You’re Done With The Encryption.

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From Editor’s Desk

Above are all the best methods to Protect USB Pendrive With Password and it will really secure your Pendrive and protect your private data and sensitive information. We really hope you like this article and also we would like to request you to please don’t forget to share it with your friends and others too. If you know any other USB Security Tool then let us know in the comment section below.

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