LG’s Drone Phone –Learn why it is exactly what we need!

We live in a state of constant change and development. With every idea and invention brilliant than the last one, you start to believe that nothing can surprise you anymore. And that is perhaps true, until you see LG’s new levitating phone. That’s right, LG is a reimagining and stretching the limits of creation, and forging the path to an exciting arena of technological evolution.

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The Drone Phone

LG recently announced its new project, the 2 in 1 drone phone. This pone drifts at 360 degrees and is your on-air selfie partner! Whether it is bungee jumping, gliding, cliff jumping or para jumping, this phone is your flying partner in crime! You can video call a friend or watch a movie, LG U+ will fly to give you the best angle. You can also expect a self-charging feature from the phone with a 5000cd high-intensity flashlight, made for night mode. And also, the device supposedly has a Flying FaceTime mode, 360º Extreme mode, Moving Theatre Movie mode, and a Top Surround mode. Basically, it’s awesome!

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The tech nerds at LG have developed the drone phone, taking the future a bit further than CES 2018 did. The prototype has had a successful take-off, and the market launch is much awaited!

LG U+ Key Features

  • LG U+ runs on Android Oreo 8.0.
  • The drone phone is powered by 1.4 GHz Octa-Core processor with 2 GB RAM.
  • It has a 5.2 Inch Full HD display.
  • The front camera is 8 MP and the rear camera is 13 MP, and it is equipped with a LED Flash.
  • The phone also has Dual sim and a 4G LTE.
  • The device comes with a 32GB of built-in storage, and you can expand this memory with a microSD, up to 256 GB.
  • LG U+ has a non-removable Li-ion 3000 mAh battery.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning an LG U+ Device

  • The advantages obviously pertain to the fact that the phone fly’s! It is our wildest dream come true! I can just cook, knit, boat or hunt while my phone just hovers over my head taking selfies or playing a movie. But that kind of technology is going to be heavy on our pockets. Probably more expensive than the latest iPhone additions. Making it robber favorite!
  • One of the features of the phone is self-charging. The device is programmed to fly to the nearest power supply, and all at your command! No more dragging yourself out of bed to the charging portal.
  • The device is a definite no go for kids or adults who don’t wish to cut themselves on the propellers. And let’s take a moment to think about device glitches. Imagine going your way, and your phone suddenly decides to take off. But let’s hope LG U+ has thought about all of this already.

Concluding this piece on an astonishing note, these are two exciting gadgets you can look forward to in 2018:

  • Halberd

Forget about signing in or out of your PC. Halberd detects your presence and secures your data without you having to manually do so.

  • LG 8K TV

What is expected to be the 88in 8K OLED panel TV with the largest and highest-resolution, which they will unveil at CES Las Vegas?

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