Now Hike Users Can Chat, Read News, Make Payments, Without Mobile Data

Hike is a homegrown instant messaging service platform for smartphones. Today Hike announced the launch of an amazing service “Total” which allows Android Smartphone users to chat, read the news, book tickets, transfer money and make payments without an active data connection.

Hike claimed that 100 million users on its platform, and has been working for six months on “Total” with the objective to provide basic services to people who’re still yet to experience the internet for the first time. The service “Total” will be preloaded onto inexpensive phones such as Intex and Karbonn. It will make the users experience the full suite of Hike Messenger’s services.

Hike brings payments, news, and messaging to basic Android phones without mobile data

Hike Messenger CEO Kavin Mittal said, “Total” will pop up after the immediate setting of the Android phone is done for the first time. He also explains how the new service works and said Total service is will come deep inside the operating system and uses USSD protocol that is available in every GSM phone to deliver the content without the use of 3G/4G data.

Speaking to TNW, Hike CEO Kavin Mittal, explained that there are around 400 million smartphone users in India and about 200 million of users don’t have the access to the internet often. Although, mobile data is believed to be cheaper in India comparing to other countries. With “Total” service hike has a great opportunity to reach the huge user base over the next few years.

Now you might be wondering what is USSD? How does it work? “USSD” is basically a nothing but the code which is dial by the user to check the balance, recharges, take small loans and other services, for eg: *123#. It is totally built on USSD technology that powers the content in the SIM Toolkit on your Android Smartphone.

It will also optimize total services, that includes horoscopes, cricket scores, news and access to the hike digital wallet to fit into small internet data packets that will allow transmitted swiftly through USSD. You can also get the benefits of making payments through its digital wallet as well as India’s nationwide Universal Payment Interface (UPI) protocol which allows you to transfer money between banks.

Hike has partnered with many carriers such as Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, and BSNL to offer the low data cost packs on “Total”, with prices starting from Re. 1 for 20 MB at 4G speeds. Also, another carrier Reliance Jio is been talking to expand data recharge options. The users will also get Rs. 200 ($3) in their Hike Wallet to use for stuff such as purchasing mobile data plans or sending money to friends just after completion of the KYC process.

He said that over the last five years, Hike has migrated from a Quick Messaging App to a content platform and now it a payment platform. After the six months of the launch of payment wallet, ” we’re doing over 10 million transactions each month”.

It is a clever onboarding scheme with a smart professionals tech behind it. The first four phones which will be preloaded with “Total” and become available across India in March. It will be very much interesting to see how hike will grow its user base beyond the current, and it can really help to get connected without internet connection or data

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