Glassdoor: Facebook Best Place to Work, Apple Slips to 84th Spot

Facebook Best Place to Work: Recently, the leading job website Glassdoor has published its annual list of “100 Best Places to Work in the US”. Facebook has ranked top on the list and become the best place to work compared to all other tech giants. The Cupertino based tech giant Apple has slipped down to spot 84 this year from its 36 positions last year. Other leading tech giants like Google, WWT(World Wide Technology), Yahoo, and VMware are way ahead in the listings.

Facebook Best Place to Work in the US, Apple Slips to 84th Spot

The leading job website Glassdoor has published its annual list of ‘Employees Choice Awards’, that is a ranking of 100 best companies to work for in the USA in 2018. The social network tech giant has lead the race and became the king of this year. Facebook not only became the best technology but also the best in the country. The most surprising is the Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has slipped down to spot 84 this year from its 36th position. But Apple still remains a highly rated employer with 4.3/5 rating by Glassdoor. The other tech giants like Google, World Wide Technology, Yahoo, and VMware are way ahead in the listings. The voting process was done to achieve the list from employees themselves.

The second position goes to the Global management consulting firm Bain & Company, followed by Boston Consulting Group, In-N-Out Burger and Google. Achieved the top ranking, it’s very much clear that the employees love working at Facebook. This is not the first time Facebook has ranked top on the list, the company is doing the best from 10 years, according to VentureBeat. Facebook ranked in 2011, 2012, 2017, and now 2018. The remaining years won by the Google (2015), Airbnb (2016), and Twitter (2014). But once again more surprising is that neither Airbnb nor Twitter is on this year’s list. Google did qualify but its no surprise because the company is always included.

Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman said in a statement, “What we really see them appreciate most is the company’s mission-driven culture, transparent leadership and the fact that their work literally impacts the lives of billions of people worldwide,”

When it comes to Apple, the working condition, many employees reviewed the company anonymously on Glassdoor and said the iPhone maker is ‘strapped for resources” and “offers a poor work-life balance”. 

One Apple employee wrote on Glassdoor,”Office space is very sparse, bring your own tea and snacks kind of a deal. Lunch isn’t free, although dinner is. Nobody is going to pat you on the back for your work, and you’re expected to advance your own career or find the mentorship you need,”

The technology sector is the best place to work in the United States, the industry representation, quality, and infrastructure is quite high, as compared to other sectors. This year 28 tech companies entered in the top 50. The remaining are the retail (11 companies), Health (11), Consultancies (6), finance(6) tourism and travel, also 6 companies.

Here we are going to show you the list of the best technology companies to work for in 2018. For full list and details, You can visit here.

1.Facebook (#1, Rating: 4.6)

2. Google (#5, Rating: 4.6)

3. HubSpot (#7, Rating: 4.6)

4. World Wide Technology (#8, Rating: 4.5)

5. Ultimate Software (#10, Rating: 4.5)

6. SAP (#11, Rating: 4.5)

7. Salesforce (#15, Rating: 4.5)

8. LinkedIn (#21, Rating: 4.5)

9. DocuSign (#22, Rating: 4.4)

10. NVIDIA (#24, Rating: 4.4)

11. Fast Enterprises (#25, Rating: 4.4)

12. Paylocity (#29, Rating: 4.4)

13. Intuit (#30, Rating: 4.4)

14. Adobe (#31, Rating: 4.4)

15. VMware (#33, Rating: 4.4)

16. Concur (#34, Rating: 4.4)

17. Microsoft (#39, Rating: 4.4)

18. Ellie Mae (#40, Rating: 4.4)

19. Yardi Systems (#42, Rating: 4.4)

20. Zillow (#57, Rating: 4.3)

21. Kronos Incorporated (#63, Rating: 4.3)

22. Yahoo (#65, Rating: 4.3)

23. Arm (#66, Rating: 4.3)

24. Guidewire (#68, Rating: 4.3)

25. CDW (#81, Rating: 4.3)

The ranking system is based on “a proprietary awards algorithm”, which is basically designed to calculate the “quantity, quality, and consistency of company reviews submitted by employees between November 1, 2016, and October 22, 2017” According to Glassdoor,

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