Google is Going To Shutdown Smart AR Platform ‘Tango’

Google is Going To Shutdown Smart AR Platform ‘Tango’: It was first introduced in 2014 named project Tango. Tango is an AI (augmented reality computing platform which is developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), It basically uses computer vision to allow Smartphone and Tablets to detect their position relative to the world within them without using GPS or other external signals. This allows app developers to create the best user experience which includes indoor navigation, physical space measurement, augmented reality physical space measurement, and windows etc into the virtual world.

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Google has decided to shut down it’s ambitious AR (Augmented Reality) platform “Tango” project which is specially built for Smartphones from March 1, 2018. The company is likely to bid focus on a new Software Development Kit (SDK) named as “ARCore”, which brings the AR experience closer to Android Smartphone users.

The Google Tango Team Tweeted: “We’re turning down support for Tango on March 1, 2018. Thank you to our incredible community of developers who made such progress with Tango over the last three years. We look forward to continuing the journey with you on ARCore.


The company also said that they are continuing to the development with ARCore, a new platform which is designed for building reality apps for a broad range of devices of devices without the requirement for specialised hardware.

The Google “ARCore” is now available for developers to experiment with. “ARCore” is scalable across the Android ecosystem as it doesn’t require any additional hardware.

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