Vivo Will Be The First To Feature ‘In-Display Fingerprint Sensor’

Vivo Will Be The First To Feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor: As per latest reports, the Chinese Smartphone company Vivo is going to be the first to feature In-Display Fingerprint Sensor in the world. Synaptics announced earlier that its new Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint sensor (integrated into the screen) is undergoing mass production with an OEM. Synaptics didn’t reveal the name of the company that will first be introduced this feature on its smartphone, the hint was given that the OEM is among the Top 5 in the world. Now the Vivo has introduced new telephony functionality before its competitors in the smartphone In-display fingerprint technology.

The Vivo can become a competitor and can become a powerful tech giant companies similarly Apple and Samsung and become the first mobile manufacturer in the world to introduce a smartphone with In-Display fingerprint sensor which will be integrated into the screen.

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The first phone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor will come in Vivo

As we ‘re expected earlier that the tech giant company Apple will launch this technology to iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Samsung failed to include this feature on their latest smartphone Galaxy S8, but Vivo becomes the nightmare competitor for them. As per the analyst, Patrick Moorhead mentioned in a Forbes article that We will first see the under-display reader in Vivo smartphones.

Moorhead also describes that the sensor as “fast and simple,”. While Synaptics claims that it’s fast as twice as 3D facial recognition like Apple’s Face ID — though that would be a tough thing to realistically measure considering the various mechanisms that each system brings to in practice.


Vivo, not Samsung, will have the first phone with in-screen fingerprint scanner

The technology behind the in-display fingerprint itself, carrying the model name Clear ID FS9500, it is basically designed to work with the smartphones having an 18:9 and 20:9 orientation. These are the new breed larger phones, usually “bezel-less” phones. The new in-Display fingerprint sensor is a small CMOS device which is placed below an AMOLED screen.

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To work, the finger has been illuminated, so that the In-Display fingerprint scanner can read and scan the reflections of the finger. Basically, To create this reflection, the part of the screen has to light up, and then the finger scanner will capture the reflection between the AMOLED pixels.

Synaptics mentions that the fingerprint scanner itself is very frugal and consuming just merely 80mA power. The whole technology also uses the inbuilt accelerometer in the Smartphone and make other sensors to figure it out when to activate the fingerprint scanner and light up the appropriate part of the screen.

The announcement of the world first In-Display fingerprint scanner will give a big blow to Qualcomm. As Qualcomm has been working on the similar technology for a while now, but not announced anything officially. Synaptics carrying the model Clear ID FS9500 as a “smart” technology which can detect fingerprints in different lighting conditions and also can recognize wet or cold fingers, and can detect attempts to spoof fingerprints which sounds great.

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