WhatsApp Accidentally Leaked An Awesome Feature!

WhatsApp mistakenly rolled out the ‘Reply Privately’ feature: The most popular instant messaging app has just accidentally leaked an awesome feature which allows a user to send a message to a group in private. This awesome feature is known as “Reply Privately”. This feature has been rolled out accidentally in a beta update for Windows Phone. This feature will allow you to send a message to a group without knowing anyone else about it.

This amazing feature is under development and also it will come up with others new features as well. The feature is known as “Privately Reply” was appeared and it subsequently dropped from the beta version of WhatsApp. The watcher of the popular chat app @WABetaInfo said that the developer mistakenly enabled the feature.

WhatsApp mistakenly rolled out the ‘Reply Privately’ feature.

As we all know that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app because of its huge reach all over the world. The reasons why the WhatsApp is most popular among the people is the user-friendly interface, updated frequently and for its end to end encryption support.

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Recently, in last few months, we have seen many changes done by WhatsApp by introducing new and amazing features. Recently, we have also witnessed the launch of a new feature which allows users to delete the message which is accidentally sent. Now here is another good news for WhatsApp users that WhatsApp has accidentally rolled out the awesome feature which lets users to send the message to a group participant in private.

WABetaInfo Tweeted: In the new WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.17.344 the private reply feature is disabled. Probably WhatsApp has wrongly enabled it in 2.17.342,”. The feature was again implemented in the v2.17.348 beta update.

WABetaInfo has said that the feature “Private Reply” option will be available only in group chats. This feature will be included in the menu that will pop-up when users press and hold on a message during group chats. The users can send the private message directly without opening the chat box. hence, the feature is in under development and will be coming soon with others features as well.

Earlier this month, WABetaInfo shared the details of the features regarding WhatsApp web version for desktop. Also includes a feature, tap to unblock a PIP picture-in-picture (PIP) mode that is arriving soon.

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